E.C.T Co-Director 2IC for New Centre in Chatswood

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“Straight from the heart and Simply The Best"

A New Team of Fabulous and Committed Early Childhood Practitioners Wanted for our New Centre

Co-  Director

Over the last four years, we have lovingly built our new, purpose built centre with unequivocal love, hard work, passion and dedication. The vision for our new centre is to see it flourish and we are now nearly at the stage where everything is coming together as we have opened .  The vision we have for our centre is for it to be different, vibrant, special and unique in a positive way.

Perhaps we are visionaries and because we are so emotionally connected to what we have created, we are inviting other like-minded Early Childhood Teachers, to join us on our journey. Passion, warmth, Enthusiasm, Commitment, Heart and a love for what you do are essential qualities to possess.

We have a position for a Co-Director and 2IC who will start as an Assistant Director and who will work hand in hand with me to help me shape the centre and take the centre in the direction that we choose it to go. We will work together to get the centre up and running and this on the skill level of the co-director, who may eventually lead the centre when the time is right.

We are looking for Someone who has had experience in a start-up centre and who will be passionate and committed , who will be able to oversee the management of the centre when I'm not there.  It will be a collaborative partnership where we just support each other , where trust harmony and communication are the most important ingredients for  a long, successful work relationship. 

A great team takes time to build and so we are on the lookout for Early Childhood Teachers who are skilled in scaffolding the layers of learning and provide rich meaningful experiences for the children. Educators who believe in the fantasy and magic of childhood where creativity, art, music, story, language, sharing humour with the children contribute significantly to the development of  the spirit of the child. In saying that also believe in intentional teaching and an order and certain structure to the day.

 Diplomas and Certificate IIIs to either lead or assist in the nursery and preschool room. And Yes we have an and  Art/Music Studio.

Our Philosophy is partially Reggio based incorporating a colourful richness of diversity, creativity, music, drama, woodwork, clay, nature, open-endedness and a well balanced Program.

If you have a passion or a skill that you have or wish to develop and utilise such as a language, music, administration, an art teacher, piano, outdoors, science person etc  we will help you nurture your special talent.

This is a wonderful opportunity for Applicants to feel the buzz and energy that this unique opportunity presents and join our little family.

All applications will be considered. If you would like further information about the roles as listed above don’t hesitate to make an enquiry, better still send a little letter with your cv

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