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Freehold of a Guardian Early Learning Childcare Centre sells for $6.95 million

The Courier Mail - Chris Herde - January 18, 2019

A NEWLY built childcare centre in a growth hot spot southwest of Brisbane is believed to have sold for a record price. A Brisbane-based private investor, through commercial funds management company Ferradini Property Group, paid $6.95 million for the Guardian Early Learning Childcare Centre at 26 Technology Drive, Augustine Heights, in the heart of the Greater Springfield corridor...

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Deeragun’s growth spurt puts pressure on childcare centres

Townsville Bulletin - Cas Garvey - January 18, 2019

AS THE population of Deeragun continues to rise, so too does the pressure on its childcare centres. Aussie Kindies Early Learning Deeragun acting manager Tiane Smith says their centre is at 50% capacity, anticipating numbers to jump when one nearby centre closes soon for renovations...

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Claims 18 landmark Maitland buildings and McDonald Jones Stadium are non-compliant

Newcastle Herald - Donna Sharpe - January 17, 2019

A day care centre, several of the city’s busiest car parks and the new No.1 Sportsground are three of 18 landmark structures two local businessmen claim are at risk of cracking or collapsing in a scenario similar to Sydney’s failed Opal Tower. Craig Thorley and Chris Rafferty...

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Childcare QLD: How parents and taxpayers paid $378m for phantom services

The Courier Mail - Matthew Killoran - January 16, 2019

PARENTS and taxpayers last year forked out a whopping $378 million for childcare services they never received, shocking new data reveals. Childcare centres across the nation continue to charge parents full fees on public holidays, even when they are closed...

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More than unpopular. How ParentsNext intrudes on single parents’ human rights

The Conversation - Beth Goldblatt - January 16, 2019

Withholding entitlements cannot be a correct response to structural challenges such as lack of jobs and childcare. The United Nations’ Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights has already expressed concern about the effect of cuts to the payments...

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37% higher in 3 months – is the G8 Education share price a buy?

Motley Fool - Ivan Loh - January 16, 2019

The G8 Education Ltd (ASX: GEM) share price has rocketed about 37% higher in the last three months, from a low of $1.88 in October 2018 to close at $2.74 on Tuesday. Amidst the jubilee of the turnaround, I think it is prudent to ask: Is the G8 Education share price a buy?...

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Perth’s first structured intergenerational care site to be constructed in 2019

The Sector - Freya Lucas - January 16, 2019

Construction of an integrated aged care facility and intergenerational child care facility will begin in Perth in 2019, lead by Oryx Communities. Whilst the concept of intergenerational learning programs, where planned and ongoing activities take place to purposefully bring together...

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Migrant grandparents to fill childcare gap, but at what cost?

Women's Agenda - Angela Kintominas and Myra Hamilton - January 15, 2019

In Australia, reliance on grandparents for childcare is widespread, and now that school holidays are upon us, many parents are turning to grandparents to support them to balance work and care over the holiday period. But for the more than 1 in 4 Australian residents born overseas, grandparent care is not always readily available...

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Childcare costs hit $13,000 annually for the first time

The Courier Mail - Matthew Killoran - January 15, 2019

CASH-STRAPPED parents are forking out up to $480 extra a year to send their children to child care, with costs soaring to more than $13,000 annually for the first time. The latest Education Department data reveals average fees for the most common form of day care...

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Scott Morrison ‘inherited’ Liberal Party with low number of women MP

The Australian - Richard Ferguson - January 14, 2019

Mr Morrison pointed to recent economic policies aimed at improving the livelihoods of Australian women as a reason they should support his government. “We have childcare reforms that came in on July 1 last year which are working and it is getting the cost of childcare...

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Feed babies nuts and egg to reduce food allergies, study says

RN Breakfast - January 14, 2019

Many Australian schools and child care centres ban peanuts in fear an allergic reaction could be lethal for a child. But scientists say giving babies eggs and nuts before they turn one reduces the likelihood of children developing an allergy later in life...

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Your 2019 Guide to Tax Deductions

Motley Fool - Matthew Frankel - January 13, 2019

There's another type of flexible spending account that's designed to help families pay for child care expenses. Married couples filing jointly can set aside as much as $5,000 per year on a pre-tax basis, and single filers can set aside as much as $2,500 to be spent...

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No jab no play: Anti-vaccination parents get no say in childcare and kindy policies that keep kids safe

The West - Cathy O'Leary - January 12, 2019

So when the couple saw a recent ABC television report about a group of parents feeling aggrieved about their lack of choice - because of new no-jab, no-play rules - it was salt to the wound. The upset families claimed their kids were being marginalised because...

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What is in store for the ECEC sector in 2019? Leading voices share their hopes

The Sector - Freya Lucas - January 11, 2019

Inspired by a similar piece in Nursery World, The Sector put out the call to a number of prominent voices in Australia’s early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector, to ask them what they were hoping 2019 would see in the ECEC community...

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Can Think Childcare And Education Limited (TNK.AX) Go The Extra Mile?

Kentwood Post - Sonia Dale - January 10, 2019

The Average True Range of ATR For Shares of Think Childcare And Education Limited (TNK.AX) have trended downward over the past 10 bars, indicating bearish momentum for the equity near-term. At a recent glance the stock touched 1.41 in a recent trade...

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Blunt reminder to parents for child jabs

SBS News - January 10, 2018

Parents are being reminded of Victoria's no jab, no play laws as they prepare for the new school year. All youngsters attending child care and kindergartens must have current vaccination certification. Since their introduction in 2016, the laws have seen Victoria surpass the herd immunity...

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The genius childcare app that's saving parents time and money

Kidspot - Nina Young - January 10, 2019

One very clever Aussie team have come up with an app that connects parents at the same childcare centre, Swapple.me. If one parent has a day they can't use, they post it on the app, another parent who then needs an extra day can claim the spot. The best part?...

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ADF families supported with One Tree Community Services official opening

The Sector - Freya Lucas - January 10, 2018

The One Tree Defence Childcare Unit has officially opened this month, supporting families currently serving with the Australian Defence Force (ADF), following the announcement in August 2018 of their appointment as the contract provider for the Defence Childcare Program...

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Second time unlucky as childcare plan scuttled by community rejection

The Advertiser - Ben Cameron - January 10, 2019

PLANS for a two-storey childcare centre in Stepney for up to 100 children have been scuttled because of more than 30 local residents’ noise and traffic concerns. Accord Property applied to Norwood, Payneham & St Peters Council’s development assessment panel to build the centre...

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Looking beyond children’s interests as a definition for child-centred curriculua

The Sector - Sarah Riddell - January 7, 2019

Children’s interests have long been considered a cornerstone for programming, with the early years learning framework (EYLF) recommending that educators “engage children actively in learning…identify children’s strengths and interests, choose appropriate teaching strategies...

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ACA NSW puts politics in the ECEC spotlight ahead of 2019 elections

The Sector - Freya Lucas - January 7, 2019

The New South Wales branch of the Australian Childcare Alliance has put politics firmly on the early childhood education and care (ECEC) agenda for 2019, predicting the key election concerns that will face the sector ahead of the 2019 Federal election. The timing comes as a Federal...

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Empty childcare centres fret over dramatic preschool expansion

Financial Review - Joanna Mather - January 6, 2019

Labor's generous preschool policies could have the unintended effect of exacerbating the childcare place glut without easing costs for families, the nation's largest provider, Goodstart Early Learning, has warned. Although strongly supportive of additional funding for early learning...

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New data reveals where the jobs will be in five years

The Courier Mail - Daryl Passmore - January 6, 2019

“There is also a healthy trend increase in education, training and child care/early learning positions as growing emphasis is placed on our need to re-skill and keep up with global best practice in all levels of learning.”...

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Employment sectors set to boom with Australia’s population

The Daily Telegraph - Melanie Burgess - January 5, 2019

Meanwhile, the number of registered nurses would grow by 18.4 per cent (up 51,400 jobs), child carers by 17.6 per cent (27,600 jobs), school teachers by 10.8 per cent (45,900 jobs) and construction trades workers by 6.5 per cent (25,800 jobs)...

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7 things only parents working during school holidays will understand

Kidspot - Claire Haiek - January 3, 2019

Most full-time employees are awarded four weeks of annual leave each year. School holidays, however, are much more plentiful, leaving many parents short when it comes to child care. Even if you're a two-parent family and you and your partner never have annual leave...

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NT businesses fear new migration agreement will continue to be bogged down in bureacracy

NT News - Natasha Emeck - January 2, 2019

BUSINESSES hoping to lure more skilled overseas workers to the NT are concerned the Territory’s latest migration agreement with the Federal Government will continue to be bogged down by the bureaucracy. NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner said he was confident...

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Mother to hunger strike for 46 days for healthier food in childcare centres

SBS News - Tom Stayner - January 1, 2019

Ruby wants to draw attention to the ‘malnutrition’ of Australian children in childcare – a problem she believes is not being adequately addressed. A collaboration between Healthy Australia and the University of Newcastle found that only five per cent of Australian childcare centres...

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The new laws taking effect in NSW from January 1

Sydney Morning Herald - Josh Dye - December 31, 2018

All three-year-olds will have access to two days a week of subsidised preschool education. The measure makes NSW the first state to provide access for all children to attend two years of preschool, saving families as much as $800 a year and providing a strong start to early education...

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Screen time wrecking children’s sleep, risking mental health

The Australian - Rebecca Urban and Elias Visontay - December 31, 2018

Instigated by Health Minister Greg Hunt in September, the inquiry into sleep health awareness has since been inundated with submissions from sleep experts, child psychologists and educators demanding government intervention on the issue of children’s sleep...

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Find parenting tough? Be glad you're not American

Sydney Morning Herald - Ross Gittins - December 31, 2018

This “economic emancipation of women” has greatly increased the rate at which women participate in the (paid) labour force, making Australians a lot more prosperous, including by creating a lot of jobs for women performing services most women formerly performed for themselves at home, such as childcare...

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