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Education and child care costs soar above general CPI increaseApril 27, 2015
The Sydney Morning Herald - Deborah Snow - April 26, 2015
Parents worried that childcare and education costs are hitting their wallets far harder than most other areas of household spending have had their suspicions confirmed. The latest consumer price index figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics reveal that CPI increases for...
Many mums say they can’t afford to work full-time due to childcare costsApril 27, 2015
Herald Sun - Sue O'Brien - April 26, 2015
ONE in three low-income families say childcare costs mean it's not worth their while to work, a new national report has found. Families earning less than $50,000 are hardest hit by rising childcare costs, the NAB Work and Families survey shows. In comparison, only one in five of those...
Using new technology to keep an eye on the kidsApril 27, 2015
Sunday Telegraph - Lisa Mayoh - April 26, 2015
FROM bedroom baby monitors to daycare apps that send ­twice-daily pictures, school radio ­stations, YouTube channels and principals on Twitter and Facebook, busy parents may be stuck at work, but they are more connected to their children than ever before. While psychologists claim the trend...
Totus Capital expects G8 Education share price to fallApril 27, 2015
Financial Review - Sally Rose - April 26, 2015
Taking short positions on education provider Vocation Group and iron ore miner Atlas Iron have proven profitable trades over the past year. Now one of the fund's biggest shorts is on childcare operator G8 Education. Short selling is when an investor borrows money to sell a stock they...
NSW childcare minister faces preschool stoushApril 27, 2015
The Age - Kirsty Needham - April 25, 2015
Much of what Leslie Williams will do in her new role as NSW early childhood education minister hangs on the Abbott government's upcoming families package. The reliance of the childcare sector on Commonwealth rebates to parents is so great that the shakeup looming in the federal budget...
Taxpayer pays the cost of ever-expanding childcareApril 27, 2015
The Australian - Judith Sloan - April 24, 2015
One thing for sure is that the federal government will simply be contributing to the ongoing mess of government-subsidised and regulated childcare, which costs taxpayers more and more each year - exceeding $7 billion this fin­ancial year - while manifestly failing to achieve its principal aim of...
Childcare sector braces for Government rebate shake-upApril 24, 2015
ABC News - Pat McGrath - April 24, 2015
Australian childcare operators currently benefitting from $7 billion in subsidies each year expect the Government's promised shakeup of the rebate system to be announced early next week. The Social Affairs Minister Scott Morrison has signalled the biggest change will be the introduction of a means...
Preschools could face $1800 cut per child under budget plansApril 24, 2015 - Lanai Scarr - April 23, 2015
PRESCHOOLS will shorten their hours and increase fees under government moves to strip up to $1800 in funding per child, per year from a key program. Pressure is mounting on the Coalition to announce its plans for the Universal Access to Early Childhood Education scheme, with funding only secured...
More women equals more profits, so why are we still lacking diversity on boards?April 24, 2015
The Age - Nassim Khadem - April 23, 2015
One option to help with the pipeline is tax-deductible childcare. If women have nannies that can look after their kids, or accredited places to leave their children while at work, then they are more likely to return to work and stay there. Leading businesswomen including non-executive director of Toll...
Mums returning to work told to exclude maternity leave from CVsApril 24, 2015
Herald Sun - Peter Reynolds - April 23, 2015
"It is very challenging for mothers to get back into work at the moment. There are a number of barriers in the way, such as lack of accessible child care and lack of flexible work opportunities." The agency, which specialises in connecting working mums, posted the concerns on its Facebook page...
New staff rules hike childcare costApril 23, 2015
The Australian - Natasha Bita - April 23, 2015
Childcare costs soared seven times faster than inflation in the past year, as new staffing rules fuelled wage costs. The cost of childcare rose 8.5 per cent nationally in the 12 months to March, an analysis of the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics inflation data shows. The extraordinary price...
Hundreds of Vocation private training college graduates forced to hand back qualificationsApril 23, 2015
ABC News - Josie Taylor - April 22, 2015
Private training college Vocation has been forced to recall more than 1,000 of its qualifications including hundreds in child care and aged care after Victorian regulators found the courses were sub-standard. Almost 200 students who completed a Certificate III in Child Care, 250 students...
Childcare benefits our whole societyApril 22, 2015
The Age - Jessica Irvine - April 22, 2015
Libertarian Senator David Leyonhjelm poked a hornets nest this week by suggesting childless Australians should not be forced to subsidise childcare. "Having kids is not a social service that governments should subsidise, it is a choice," he said. Courageous man. He is right in one sense...
Childcare groups warn Scott Morrison to tread carefully with nanny programApril 22, 2015
The Guardian - Shalailah Medhora - April 21, 2015
The government should "tread very carefully" when setting up a pilot program for publicly subsidised nannies, childcare groups have warned. The social services minister, Scott Morrison, last week indicated the government would roll out a trial for including nannies in its childcare package...
Prospect of higher costs spook investors in G8 EducationApril 22, 2015
The Courier Mail - Jenny Rogers - April 21, 2015
SHARES in G8 Education were the worst performer on the ASX 200 on Tuesday after the Gold Coast-based childcare centre operator warned it faced higher costs. The company, which owns 455 centres, says it expects costs to rise by around three per cent, or $2 to $2.20 per child...
Staff ratio changes will see childcare costs rise again in 2016April 21, 2015
The Courier Mail - Lauren Wilson - April 21, 2015
CHILDCARE fees are predicted to rise by another $10 a day from the beginning of next year, when centres will be required to take on more staff as a consequence of Labor's National Quality Framework. While Social Services Minister Scott Morrison continues to develop the federal...
Funded nanny pilot program given green lightApril 21, 2015
Sydney Morning Herald - Judith Ireland - April 20, 2015
The Abbott government will make funding for nannies available under a pilot program that will target people in remote areas and on shift work and is likely to roll out later this year. Social Services Minister Scott Morrison does not want to make nannies a "mainstream alternative" to…
Childcare kids more likely to develop social, emotional and behavioural problemsApril 21, 2015
Brisbane Times - Jorge Branco - April 20, 2015
An Australian-first study finds students of childcare centres are potentially better prepared for school but more likely to develop social, emotional and behavioural problems. The Queensland University of Technology research found kids in centre-based care academically outperformed...
Australia needs to fix management pipeline to get female CEOsApril 20, 2015
Financial Review - Annalisa Haskell - April 20, 2015
And why are we so keen to: a) push the merits of fitting careers around having families, rather than force the adult discussion (finally!) as to how childcare system is a necessary support for everyone's careers or b) sell the populist "work part time" mantra. Anyone with business...
Families earning over $180,000 a year could have childcare rebate reducedApril 20, 2015
Sunday Telegraph - Samantha Maiden - April 19, 2015
SCRAPPING the $7500 cap on childcare rebates that condemns parents to huge out-of-pocket costs is being seriously considered in the May budget as a trade-off to reducing the rebate for the wealthy. The rebate cap has emerged as a nightmare for parents ­because, as soon as families...
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