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Massive changes to planning in NSW labelled 'scary'April 28, 2017
The Leader - Jim Gainsford - April 28, 2017

Proposed changes to NSW planning codes wild allow medical centres and hospitals, childcare centres and private and public schools to be built in low density residential zones and neighourhood business zones as complying development, taking away the right of residents to object. The proposed...
Looks good on paper, but no clue in reality: when vocational training falls shortApril 26, 2017
Sydney Morning Herald - Sylvia Pennington - April 26, 2017

He interviews up to 20 candidates a week and sees a steady stream of would-be childcare educators who hold Certificates III or Diplomas of Children's Services but don't appear to know the basics. Many candidates do not speak English as a first language and struggle to discuss aspects of...
Yields driving lower as SMSFs hunt for returnsApril 26, 2017
The Age - Nicole Lindsay - April 26, 2017

And childcare centre yields have dropped nearly 200 basis points in the past 18 months. A 90-place childcare centre at 1 Regent Street, in Geelong, was sold for $3.1 million on a yield of 6.6 per cent after only 22 days on the market. The centre has a 10-year lease and returns $204,000 a year in...
Massive outbreak of hand, foot and mouth in Sydney's south westApril 24, 2017
Daily Telegraph - Stacy Thomas - April 24, 2017

SIMPLE hygiene measures will stop the spread of hand, foot and mouth after a "massive outbreak" of the highly contagious virus has been reported in the Liverpool region. In the last month, one medical centre has had at least 10 cases through their doors. My Health Medical Centre located at Westfield...
Govt to build on 'no jab no pay' policyApril 24, 2017
The Australian - Colin Brinsden - April 23, 2017

The Turnbull government is rolling out a $5.5 million immunisation awareness program to encourage parents and carers to get their kids vaccinated. Labor is disappointed the government isn't allocating more resources to this critical initiative. Building on the government''s successful "No Jab No Pay" policy...
Call to bring in nannies from Pacific IslandsApril 21, 2017
Illawarra Mercury - Nassim Khadem - April 21, 2017

The Turnbull government's 457 visa scheme replacement should have made it easier for unskilled nannies from the Pacific Islands to be brought into Australia to help Australian women get back to work, says leading businesswoman Diane Smith-Gander...
Editorial: Childcare system too important to be held hostage by politicsApril 18, 2017
The Courier Mail - Editor - April 17, 2017

There is something broken in the childcare system. A system that has become so fundamentally necessary to the functioning of this nation has also become hostage to constantly shifting political vagaries. The clients - parents - who use these services have to wrangle...
Australian families slugged $80 million for child care they did not receive over Easter weekendApril 18, 2017
The Courier Mail - Matthew Killoran - April 16, 2017

Families and taxpayers have been charged up to $80 million this Easter for child care they did not receive. It is common for childcare providers to charge parents for services on public holidays, even when centres are closed, but new figures show it is costing taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars....
Almost one-third of parents are fed up with Australia's education system: surveyApril 18, 2017
Herald Sun - Lanai Scarr - April 15, 2017

Nearly a third of parents are fed up with the state of our nation's education system, saying their children are being woefully underprepared for life outside the school gate. A national survey of 1500 parents of young children found 29 per cent believe our education system is getting worse...
Childcare centres and preschools want naughty toddlers put on ADHD medicationsApril 18, 2017
The Daily Telegraph - Sue Dunlevy - April 14, 2017

Children as young as three are being prescribed ADHD drugs as childcare centres demand toddlers with behavioural problems are medicated before they will enrol them. The number of children aged 2-6 using ADHD medications like Ritalin has soared by 41 per cent...
Hunter faces 'oversupply' of childcare centresApril 18, 2017
Newcastle Herald - Helen Gregory - April 14, 2017

The Hunter could face an oversupply of childcare centres that may lead some to close, according to the Australian Childcare Alliance, which is calling for a planning system to prevent supply exceeding demand. The NSW government has proposed a policy to streamline the planning process...
Fulltime childcare brings a lifetime of benefits, study findsApril 13, 2017
The Courier Mail - Jackie Sinnerton - April 13, 2017

Children who are in fulltime childcare are more likely to have a better relationship with their parents later in life and be more successful, a groundbreaking study over four decades reveals. Scientists have found that when kids attend a high-quality early learning centre...
Childcare oversupply for Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong emerges in industry dataApril 13, 2017
ABC News - Liz Farquhar - April 12, 2017

A childcare industry lobby group says parts of Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong have an oversupply of childcare places and has warned that proposed planning changes could make the situation worse. The New South Wales Government is proposing a shakeup to planning policy for childcare centres...
Early childhood educators worry lower school starting age could drive up care pricesApril 13, 2017
The Examiner - Michelle Wisbey - April 12, 2017

Early childhood educators say lowering Tasmania's school starting age could create an "elitist" system as prices for care have the potential to rise significantly.

Last year, the government announced its proposal to lower the non-compulsory school starting age to three-and-a-half years...
The tricky dilemma behind men at childcare centresApril 12, 2017
The West Australian - Gemma Tognini - April 12, 2017

Some topics of conversation can be tricky. Religion, obviously. Politics. Footy. Whether or not it's OK to wear your Uggs out of the house (of course it is). Whether it's OK to wear tights as pants (of course it isn't). And, absolutely anything to do with raising kids. Given the conversation...
Why pay for child care you don't use, like on public holidays?April 12, 2017
ABC News - Amy Bainbridge - April 12, 2017

Paying for services parents can't use is another hit in a system that's already seen by many as unaffordable. A government report released earlier this year showed a sharp decline in affordability of child care for low- to middle-income families, according to analysis by Early Childhood Australia...
Holding them back: What age should kids really start school?April 10, 2017 - Lisa Mayoh - April 9, 2017

A child's first day of school is one for the photo album, a rite of passage for the whole family — but Sydney youngster Mada Worathampitak will now have two to remember. At four years and eight months, she started school this term only to be told in her second week that she wasn't ready, and to come...
The health and safety of every child would be at riskApril 10, 2017
Camden Narellan Advertiser - Ben Chenoweth - April 7, 2017

Heather Kilgour knows better than most the impact one sick child can have on an entire child care centre or preschool. That's why she is a staunch pro-vaccination advocate. The director of Campbelltown Community Preschool has been involved in the industry for about 25 years and has seen the effect deadly diseases...
Preschools focus on non-gendered play to eliminate family violenceApril 6, 2017
The Australian - Rebecca Urban - April 6, 2017

Early childhood teachers will be encouraged to intervene in "gendered­ play", identify toys and books that reinforce gender stereotypes and avoid gender-specific language under a Victorian govern­ment plan to tackle family violence through preschools. Teachers will also be asked to reflect on their own...
Can pre-school children learn to do science?April 5, 2017
The Guardian - Jenny Rohn - April 4, 2017

Either way, if toddlers are naturally prone to being good scientists, are we as a society somehow missing a window of opportunity? I began to wonder how much of the rudiments of the scientific method are dealt with in the pre-school phase. In the UK at least, learning and development from birth...
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