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Cost of living in Sydney surges despite lowest inflation in 17 yearsJuly 28, 2016
Daily Telegraph - Natasha Bita - June 28, 2016

Childcare costs jumped 6.7 per cent in the year to June as daycare centres raised fees to cover higher staffing costs. Centres in January were forced to hire one childcare worker for every five toddlers, instead of one carer for every eight children. "That significantly increased our costs," Childcare...
BubDesk: Office space creche set to expand to major corporate firmsJuly 28, 2016
ABC News - Garrett Mundy - June 28, 2016

An Australian-first collaborative space for working parents is on the cusp of a major expansion, with help from some of the nation's biggest corporations. BubDesk began as the brain child of new mum Meg Burrage in September 2015, offering parents a flexible workspace in conjunction with...
The male breadwinner is an outdated relicJuly 27, 2016
Sydney Morning Herald - Matt Wade - July 26, 2016

Then there's our broken childcare system. The Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia Survey, released last week, underscored the need for change when it revealed the average family spend on childcare each week has been growing much faster than household incomes, despite...
We must invest more in early childhoodJuly 26, 2016
The Newcastle Herald - Kate Washington - July 25, 2016

As the Shadow Minister for Early Childhood Education, I am often considering the interaction between the education system we use to prepare young people for life and for work, and the industrial relations system in which they will be operating in the future. Early childhood education is often...
Porter prioritises savings to fund NDIS, childcare for Senate talksJuly 26, 2016
Financial Review - Laura Tingle - July 25, 2016

Social Services Minister Christian Porter has nominated a $1.4 billion budget saving that is to be redirected to the National Disability Insurance Scheme and cuts to family tax benefits to fund the Coalition's childcare package as his priorities for Senate negotiation when parliament meets next month...
Two in three parents want the school day extended, SA Association Of State School Organisations survey findsJuly 25, 2016
The Advertiser - Tim Williams - July 22, 2016

MOST public school parents want the school day extended to relieve financial pressure on families, reduce the need for homework and ensure children have better access to activities such as art, music and sport. Two-thirds of more than 700 respondents to a survey by parent body the SA Association...
Four reasons why your childcare bill is so highJuly 21, 2016
Sydney Morning Herald - Adam Morton - July 20, 2016

We know that childcare costs are ever rising, but the latest data - from the Melbourne Institute, which has been tracking the changing nature of how Australians live since 2001 - sets out the pressure on household budgets clearly. The average amount spent on childcare each week has more than...
Childcare costs denying working families a good living standard - studyJuly 21, 2016
The Guardian (UK) - Patrick Butler - July 20, 2016

High childcare costs are leaving parents who work full time at the national minimum wage thousands of pounds a year short of being able to afford what the public defines as a basic acceptable standard of living. Research published by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) says benefit cuts and...
The real cost of starting a familyJuly 20, 2016
The Age - Beau Donelly - July 20, 2016

According to the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia survey, affordable childcare looms large in the minds of most parents, as they are forced to pay twice as much as their counterparts a decade ago. The annual survey has followed 17,000 people over 13 years to build a...
Federal election 2016: Families stick to Coalition on daycareJuly 18, 2016
The Australian - Rick Morton - July 18, 2016

The federal government has won the daycare debate, recording lower swings against it in marginal electorates where the number of families claiming the Child Care ­Rebate is above average, according to an analysis of data. The Coalition's $3 billion childcare proposal to streamline benefits...
Talking Point: Combine care and educationJuly 18, 2016
The Mercury - Michael White - July 18, 2016

THE Tasmanian Government's plan to lower the school starting age to four and a half years for prep classes means that children will be able to go to kindergarten at 3½. Early Childhood Australia has raised concerns about this decision, pointing out that this may damage the child care sector by...
Indigenous disadvantage: Aboriginal children's centre at riskJuly 18, 2016
The Age - Miki Perkins - July 17, 2016

But despite its glowing reputation, Bubup Wilam faces an uncertain future. Federal funding ran out two years ago, and neither the federal nor state government will stump up more. "Governments talk about investing in the early years but someone needs to do more than just talk. These kids can't...
Moelis seeks $20 million for childcare start-up Thrive Early Learning CentresJuly 14, 2016
Financial Review - Sarah Thompson, Anthony Macdonald, Joyce Moullakis - July 14, 2016

It's understood Moelis Australia Asset Management is seeking to raise $20 million to invest in a new domestic childcare operator, Thrive Early Learning Centres. Thrive was set up by Carl and Raymond Elassal and is seeking the capital injection to fund construction and fit out of new sites. The pair sold…
Phil Cave's Anchorage went from Dick Smith to childcare, should we worry?July 14, 2016
Sydney Morning Herald - Colin Kruger - July 14, 2016

The group was already trumpeting its latest deal, the acquisition of Affinity Education Group, with a portfolio of more than 160 centres, for $212 million. “Our focus will remain first and foremost to provide exceptional child care and educational services," said Anchorage's managing director, Daniel Wong…
Early child care teachers, educators learn how to identify family violenceJuly 14, 2016
ABC News - Jessica Longbottom - July 13, 2016

Child care workers in Victoria are being trained to help identify and prevent family violence, with experts saying educators are increasingly on the front line when it comes to tackling the abuse. More than 100 early child care professionals attended a training day in Melbourne in the first of its kind in the state...
Gastroenteritis spike prompts warning from NSW healthJuly 7, 2016
Sydney Morning Herald - Kate Aubusson - July 7, 2016

Nursing homes, child care centres and hospitals are all affected as reported cases soar. It is vital that if you or your family contract gastroenteritis that you stay home from work or keep a child home from school or childcare if they are sick for at least 24 hours after the last symptom of gastroenteritis...
Obese preschoolers' healthcare costs nearly 60% more than healthy-weight childrenJuly 7, 2016
Sydney Morning Herald - Julie Power - July 6, 2016

Obese preschoolers are two to three times more likely to end up sick and in hospital than other children their age, a new Australian study says. Obese children also accounted for health costs that were 60 per cent higher than other children their age, said the study, which was published in...
NSW man caught filming kids at childcareJuly 7, 2016 - July 6, 2016

A man has allegedly been caught filming young children on his phone from outside a childcare centre in Sydney's west. It's alleged the man was spotted pointing his phone over the fence of the Guildford centre while the children were playing outside on Tuesday morning. An employee at the...
Childcare costs in Queensland part of the reason Prep and Year 1 students are being suspended in growing numbersJuly 5, 2016
Courier-Mail - Lauren Martyn-Jones - July 5, 2016

HIGH childcare costs are contributing to a rise in the number of Prep and Year 1 students being suspended, as cash-strapped parents enrol children in school before they are ready. Last year, Prep and Year 1 students received more than 2660 suspensions with physical misconduct and violence...
New Sydney childcare spots to meet demandJuly 5, 2016
7News - July 5, 2016

Families battling to find childcare spots in inner-city Sydney will soon see some welcome relief, with four new childcare centres to open their doors by the end of the year. The City of Sydney has announced centres being built in Alexandria, Darlinghurst, Annandale and Green Square will be open...
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