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Focus on those most in need of child welfareFebruary 28, 2015
The Australian - Angela Shanahan - February 28, 2015
In one week two reports have appeared, each advocating contradictory policy. Childcare and Early Childhood Learning, by the Productivity Commission, advocates expanding a means-tested childcare allowance to nannies for employed mothers; A New System for Better Employment and Social…
Childcare families at risk of $250 'gap' feeFebruary 28, 2015
The Australian - Natasha Bita - February 28, 2015
FAMILIES living or working in expensive inner-city suburbs face paying $250 a week in "gap fees" for daycare, under childcare ­reforms before the Abbott government. The Productivity Commission has recommended a Medicare-style rebate scheme for childcare, that would subsidise fees to a…
Childcare gap fees will add to family burdensFebruary 28, 2015
The Australian - Natasha Bita - February 28, 2015
AS a working-class mum living in Australia's most expensive city, Nicole Wade counts every cent. "It's so expensive living in Sydney," she says. "We chose to live in a smaller house in a suburb that's less expensive so we can afford to have children. I already lose half my income on childcare fees…
Family Day Care Australia express thoughts and sympathies following baby's death at Mt TamborineFebruary 28, 2015
ABC News - February 28, 2015
Australia's national peak body for family day care has expressed its sympathies to the family affected by the death of a baby boy at a centre in Queensland this week. Initial reports suggested the infant, who was less than 12 months old, was found not breathing in a cot at the family day care…
Build the C-suite with tax deductible childcare, say lawyersFebruary 27, 2015
Financial Review - Karie Walsh - February 27, 2015
Leading corporate lawyers have called for tax deductibility for childcare and nanny costs following the stark absence of support for it in the Productivity Commission's landmark review on childcare. It's a measure they say would encourage and support female lawyers back into the workforce...
Forget 'no jab, no pay' schemes, there are better ways to boost vaccinationFebruary 27, 2015
The Conversation - Kristine Macartney - February 27, 2015
Immunisation in Australia isn't compulsory – and doesn't need to be controversial. Most Australians recognise the incredible benefits that vaccination provides to prevent serious disease; we have high and stable coverage rates of around 93%. Getting childhood immunisation to the 95% target rate...
Scott Morrison for PM? If he's smart about children it could happenFebruary 27, 2015
Women's Agenda - Lisa Bryant - February 26, 2015
In his campaign to be seen as a credible alternative leader to both Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull, Scott Morrison did quite a job at the National Press Council yesterday. When he was Immigration Minister the media could hardly get hide nor hair of him – now he's popping up on...
Tax Office urged to revisit childcare fee deduction as a work expenseFebruary 26, 2015
Financial Review - Joanna Mather and Kate Walsh - February 26, 2015
It was the early 1970s and women made up 33.6 per cent of the workforce when the High Court considered a case involving Ann Margaret Lodge, a single mother who claimed $647 in childcare costs as a tax deduction. The High Court ruled childcare expenditure was neither relevant nor...
Arena REIT raises funds for childcare growthFebruary 26, 2015
Financial Review - Nick Lenaghan - February 26, 2015
Institutional investors are buying up almost $70 million of stock in Arena REIT, as the childcare property landlord launches a capital raising and substantial investor Morgan Stanley sells down its large stake. The property trust announced the $25 million capital raising – to fund its pursuit of...
Childcare review: Families consider impact of proposed changes put forward by productivity commissionFebruary 26, 2015
ABC News (7.30 Report) - Madeleine Morris and Greg Muller - February 25, 2015
Finding child care that is not only affordable but also available can feel like winning the lottery for new parents. New mothers wanting to return to work are often constrained by a childcare system that is expensive, often inflexible and frequently inaccessible. A productivity commission report...
Time to upgrade the Australian political debate as well as the welfare system: Scott MorrisonFebruary 26, 2015
Sydney Morning Herald - Judith Ireland - February 25, 2015
Mr Morrison told the National Press Club that debates around Australia's $150 billion welfare system and $7 billion childcare payments should not simply be about "whether we are better or worse off as a result of any individual measure". "It's about, 'will the next generation be better or worse...
Whitehorse Council scraps Family Day Care program; 218 families to lose serviceFebruary 26, 2015
Herald Sun - Jesse Wray-McCann - February 25, 2015
IN A blow to families relying on affordable childcare, Whitehorse Council has confirmed it will scrap its Family Day Care program. About 218 families use Family Day Care in Whitehorse, but from July 1 this year changes to the Federal Community Support Program will make the council no longer...
Could this spell the end of quality childcare in Australia?February 26, 2015
Women's Agenda - Frances Crimmins - February 25, 2015
If you're a parent, can you remember that feeling of dropping your child off at childcare for the first time? The separation anxiety that builds up as you walk to the door is an almost universal experience, an unavoidable aspect of leaving your child in someone else's care for the first...
ACCI wants tax deduction, loans for childcareFebruary 25, 2015
Financial Review - Joanna Mather - February 25, 2015
Childcare subsidies should be replaced with loans or tax deductions for wealthier families, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has told Social Services Minister Scott Morrison. Rebates should cut out for single parents earning more than $60,000 and couples with combined...
Aussie mums work, but the system doesn'tFebruary 25, 2015
Daily Telegraph - Lisa Mayoh - February 25 2015
FORGET the stress of nine to five - it's childcare that's the real hard work. If you can find it, that is. From the moment a woman falls pregnant, it's a choice between finding care or facing a future stuck on the playground bench. As a full-time working mum of two I have written a lot on this...
Politicians far too slow to understand importance of quality early childhood education and careFebruary 25, 2015
The Age - Ross Gittins - February 24, 2015
I'm not sure how many barbecues it's stopping these days, but the issue you and I call childcare and the politically cool call ECEC - early childhood education and care - is still one of great concern to experts ranging from hard-headed economists to soft-hearted social workers, not to mention...
Proposed funding to early childcare funding could affect services in remote areasFebruary 25, 2015
ABC News - Michael Cavanagh - February 24, 2015
Supporters and operators of early childcare services in remote Australia fear many would find it extremely difficult to function if recommendations by the Productivity Commission were implemented. The Commission has proposed rolling the present subsidies into one payment...
Delay In Kindergarten Entry Linked To Poor Academic Performance Among Children, Study FindsFebruary 25, 2015
International Business Times - Samantha Goodwin - February 24 2015
Children who start their schooling late are more likely to perform poorly in academics throughout their education life, a new study finds. Premature children are no longer a rarity. Owing to this, many parents try to hold their premature child for a year or two, arguing that their child in not...
Blueprint for childcare subsidies leaves corporate mums in the redFebruary 24, 2015
Financial Review - Joanna Mather - February 24, 2015
Professional women have looked at the Productivity Commission's blueprint for childcare subsidies and are wondering why they have to be sacrificed. As governments push for more women in executive ranks, the commission wants the government to wind back support for wealthier...
Tax breaks on nannies will unleash top female talentFebruary 24, 2015
Financial Review - Louise McBride - February 24, 2015
The government says that it wants more women at the top levels of corporate Australia. But the Productivity Commission's review of the childcare system misses the point when it comes to professional women. The PC pushes a socialist view that a tax break for a salary paid to a nanny...
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