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Abbott and Hockey at odds over Labor's economic modelling of budget impactsMay 28, 2015
The Guardian - Lenore Taylor - May 27, 2015
The social services minister, Scott Morrison, attacked the modelling for a different reason, saying Labor had selected the family examples used and pointing out that six of seven examples had not included families with preschool-age children, who would benefit most from the government's...
Comment: Short-change early childhood workers, and we short-change the futureMay 28, 2015
SBS News - Sofi Grant - May 27, 2015
I would love to say that I am well paid in my job, but as anyone who works in our sector will tell you, it's not money that keeps us here - it's the children. I have learned so much and grown enormously from the many children I've educated over these years. But it would be nice...
Vaccination debate: penalising parents is not the answerMay 28, 2015
Sydney Morning Herald - Dr Cassandra Dittman - May 27, 2015
News that some parents are planning their own "vax-free" childcare centres, following the federal government's announcements of plans to restrict child care rebates to families of vaccinated children, should be a warning sign for population health policy advisers. It's just another twist...
Consumers need to see jobs budget workingMay 27, 2015 - May 26, 2015
But reports suggest the government may be ready to compromise on a plan to slash Family Tax Benefit Part B, possibly increasing the cut-off age for children to 10 or 12 years when the benefits cease rather than six. However, a new survey has found over half of voters back the...
Labor releases full budget modelling after Question Time debateMay 27, 2015 - Stephanie Anderson - May 26, 2015
Labor has caved to government pressure, releasing modelling on the Abbott Government's second budget in full. A small part of the modelling - commissioned by Labor and completed by the National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling (NATSEM) - was released to media on Monday...
Tony Abbott's attitude to paid parental leave sells women shortMay 27, 2015
Sydney Morning Herald - Conrad Liveris - May 26, 2015
Women, as the majority of primary-parents, are being sold short. The federal government's policies to support women are vexed and send mixed messages. By pitting paid parental leave and childcare against each other nobody can win. Before the federal budget the Treasurer, Prime...
Scott Morrison opens door to welfare deal with SenateMay 26, 2015
The Australian - David Crowe - May 26, 2015
The cut to FTB-B was unveiled in last year's budget but is now central to negotiations over this month's $3.5bn childcare package, with Mr Morrison asking for Senate approval for the old savings to help cover the cost of the new spending. Talks over the childcare package and related...
Tony Abbott vows to fight for welfare cuts, says a job is betterMay 26, 2015
Financial Review - Phillip Coorey - May 25, 2015
As Labor seeks to tar this month's federal budget with the same reputation for unfairness as last year, the Prime Minister stood by plans to cut welfare payments to fund the new childcare package, saying people were better off in work than at home collecting Family Tax Benefits. "Members...
Budget 2015: all that glisters isn't necessarily gold for poorer familiesMay 26, 2015
The Guardian - Lenore Taylor - May 25, 2015
What we can see so far is that the extra money many low-and middle-income families get in childcare assistance is more than taken away, especially by the cuts to family tax benefits (first outlined in last year's budget) which the government now says are the only way it can pay for...
Property billionaire Harry Triguboff's $155m move into childcareMay 26, 2015
Financial Review - John Stensholt - May 25, 2015
Harry Triguboff, Australia's biggest and richest property developer, is quietly moving into another hot market: childcare. Mr Triguboff, who will be one of the big movers on this year's BRW Rich List published this week, has been building childcare centres in new developments for his Meriton...
5 things employers can do to help women re-enter the workforceMay 26, 2015
Women's Agenda - Rebecca McIntosh - May 25, 2015
Apart from supporting campaigns to encourage the government to revisit their policy there is wider responsibility the business community should acknowledge. PPL combined with other programs to support and help retain staff, have real impacts on productivity and make employees happier...
NATSEM analysis shows federal budget to hit the poor hardest, while rich benefitMay 25, 2015
The Age - Gareth Hutchens - May 25, 2015
NATSEM ​divides the community into five segments, or quintiles, each with a little over 2.5 million families. It has found the government's families package - including its popular childcare payments - will benefit middle to high-income families more than low-income families. It has also found...
Women understand parental leave trade-off, says Michaelia CashMay 25, 2015
Financial Review - Joanna Mather - May 25, 2015
Families understand the trade-off between paid parental leave and childcare is necessary and fair, says the Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Women, Michaelia Cash. While the Coalition is limiting access to government-funded parental leave to save nearly $1 billion, it is spending...
Bright colours reported to be a cause of stress in young childrenMay 25, 2015
Courier Mail - Brittany Vonow - May 25, 2015
US-based child trauma specialist Dr Kristie Brandt, keynote speaker at the Early Education and Care conference, said primary colours distracted children and made it hard for them to regulate behaviour. The Parent-Infant and Child Institute director said that although it might seem...
Who's advocating for the young as we hurtle through the greatest social change in recent history?May 25, 2015
The Sunday Telegraph - Angela Mollard - May 24, 2015
But what about children - where do they feature in this brave new blueprint for the future? What's best for them? Who's advocating for the youngest, the voiceless as we hurtle through the greatest social change in recent history, namely how children are raised? Women are the nation's....
Senate roadblock threatens to slice $7bn from budget savingsMay 22, 2015
The Australian - Rosie Lewis and Joe Kelly - May 22, 2015
The $3.5bn childcare package, removal of "double-dipping" for paid parental leave and one-month wait for the dole for young people would not pass the upper house in their current form, according to The Australian's analysis. It comes as the pressure on the budget intensifies, with Health...
Middle-class families to lose $88 a week from daycare subsidiesMay 22, 2015
The Australian - Natasha Bita - May 22, 2015
Middle-class families will lose up to $88 a week in daycare subsidies unless both parents work or study, an analysis of the Abbott government's childcare reforms shows. A single-income family earning $65,000 a year, with one child in care for two days a week, stands to lose $4603 a year...
Daycare workers underpaid by $438KMay 22, 2015
The Australian - Michael Owen - May 22, 2015
Almost 600 childcare workers across the country have been underpaid more than $438,000, it can be revealed. The results of a special operation run by the Fair Work Ombudsman, provided to The Australian, show that 98 employers short-changed 584 employees more than $438,600...
Vaccine-free childcare 'potentially catastrophic', says industry groupMay 22, 2015
The Guardian - Melissa Davey - May 21, 2015
Moves by parents to open "vaccine-free" and "unvaccinated-friendly" day care centres in response to the federal government's "no jab, no pay" policy have been described as "potentially catastrophic" by Early Childhood Australia, the peak advocacy body for early childcare. In April...
Childcare group G8 distances itself from ABC Learning Centres' failed strategyMay 22, 2015
The Courier Mail - Jenny Borges - May 21, 2015
QUEENSLAND childcare operator G8 Education has assured shareholders its insatiable appetite for acquisition will not see it crash and burn like the failed ABC Learning Centres. The country's largest listed childcare company says it is not following in the footsteps of Eddy Grove's ABC, which left...
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